8 Gift Items That Surprise And Delight

8 Gift Items That Surprise And Delight

These 8 gifts will elicit a gasp of delight from the recipient.

1.Smoked Hemp Flower Candle

An all-natural candle made from organic oils and soy wax, the candle makes for a perfect gift for nearly every occasion. It’s an excellent wellness addition and reusable, too. Afterward, it can be repurposed into a makeup brush holder, a table decor, or a planter.

2.Sundays Manicure Kit

A superb best-seller, this manicure kit will surely pamper the recipient. Salon quality manicures can be achieved with the 9-piece complete set. The bundle includes a hydrating cuticle serum, hydrating base coat, and a top coat, among others.

3.Pedicure Kit

Give the recipient a full manicure experience at home with the Pedicure Kit. The grapefruit scented polish remover adds an extra sensory delight, and the kit is so easy to use that anyone can immediately open it and get going.

4.Online Gift Card

Don’t know what to give the celebrant? You won’t have to worry anymore if they will like it or not with an online gift card for Dear Sundays. You can choose from $25 to $200, which can be used to purchase nail care and similar items. You can send it online and add a personalized message, and even set a delivery date so you won’t forget.

5.Sundays Polish Box of 5

A superb wellness gift box for those who want great nail polish products, this bundle includes 5 colors of your choice- if you know exactly what the recipient’s favorite color is then you’ll be sure that they’ll adore it. Then, you can add a nail strengthening base, a fast-drying top coat, or a hydrating base coat.

6.Service Physical Gift Card

A Sundays Studio Service Gift Card is a great gift as it gives the recipient a much-needed day off. They can choose to get a massage, a pedicure, or a manicure from a renowned brand. Afterward, they’ll feel brand new and ready to take on the world.

7.Extra Hydrating Hand Cream

This gift product will surely become your recipient’s favorite, and will likely use it down to the last drop. The hand cream is non-greasy and super moisturizing, and it’s safe for everyone. The bergamot scent is to die for.

8.Green Fig and Ginger Candle

Light up this candle and you’ll immediately feel refreshed and comfortable. The candle ingredients include fresh orange peel, sandalwood, and green figs.