Reasons Why You Should Control Your Calories Intake

Reasons Why You Should Control Your Calories Intake

Some people believe that losing weight is all about calories in versus calories out. For example, the more food and drink you consume, the more fat you will release. As a result, the body will be forced to burn off these stored fats if an individual does not want to gain weight despite being active. In reality though, this is wrong for many reasons that are not often understood.

Nutrition is calories in versus calories out, yes. But the other factors that are in play are much more important than calories. If a person is eating a low calorie diet and does not exercise, the body will often still gain weight due to the lack of other nutrients.

Here are some reasons why you should control your calories intake:

1. Calorie intake affects muscle growth

If the body consumes a larger amount of calories than it expends, over time this will lead to an accumulation of these nutrients. This is crucial with regard to muscle building, as the muscle cells are known for their ability to grow. The muscle cells can repair themselves and become larger if the body does not consume enough calories to meet energy demands.

2. Calorie intake affects amino acid usage

This is equally important, as the body has to use amino acids to repair and build muscle tissue. Without food, the body can not take advantage of this type of recovery. Therefore, if a person is eating low on calories and does not exercise regularly, this will inevitably lead to a less-than-optimal muscle repair process.

3. Calorie intake affects thyroid function

Thyroid activity is also an indicator of how well the body is working for overall health and vitality. If the body is not consuming enough calories, it can have an adverse effect on thyroid hormone levels. It is a fact that many individuals experience weight gain as a result of hypothyroidism due to issues with their metabolism and the inability to burn fat.

4. Calorie intake affects fat storage

When calories are consumed in excess, they are turned into fatty acids which will then be stored in the adipose (fat) tissue. If someone eats everything that they want and does not exercise enough, this is what will happen to their body.

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you need to balance your calorie intake with regular exercise. Only this will allow the body to keep off any excess fat while building lean muscle tissue.