Why Running To Lose Weight Is Better

Why Running To Lose Weight Is Better

Running to lose weight is a common trend in the health and fitness community. There are many benefits of running as a form of exercise, such as weight loss and improved cardiovascular function. In addition to these, there are also mental gains that runners experience from running including self-confidence, greater sense of purposeness and well-being.

Why Running to lose weight is better

1.Running to lose weight is easier on the joints.

This is because the muscles in the legs and hips are used in running. This is not the case when exercising a muscle group with a higher motor neuron recruitment or a muscle group that is close to your spinal cord. It has also been shown that older adults can accumulate greater amounts of myofibrillar protein synthesis after endurance training than younger adults. This could be due to greater recruitment of lower motor neurons compared to young adults who have a higher growth rate of these cells.

2.Running burns more calories than walking the same distance.

Running burns approximately 7 calories per minute, whereas walking at 3 mph burns approximately 3 calories per minute (although this will vary depending on your level of fitness).

3.Running does not require an overly expensive facility or equipment like other forms of exercise do.

You only need a good pair of running shoes, shorts, a t-shirt or sweatshirt and a towel to wipe the sweat off. In fact, many runners will run outdoors in all types of weather.

4.Many runners experience a boost in self-confidence from completing the run and are then motivated to try more challenging workouts.

5.Running can help reduce stress by taking your mind off your worries while you run and help reduce the production of cortisol (the stress hormone).

6.Running can promote greater well-being and sense of purpose among older adults who have struggled with social isolation due to being unable to drive or being retired from their jobs.